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FD Services

We’re not like other business management consultants. We don’t arrive with a preconceived theory about what’s best for a business.
All businesses are unique. The products they make, the services they offer, their people, their location, their customers – no two are ever the same.
Which is why we don’t try to make them the same. We get inside a business to find out what’s really needed. No tired business models, no buzz words, no jargon – just clear, workable plans.

Time is Money
We work with you, not for you.

Nobody knows a business better than the people who work in it, not even us. What we do know is how to combine that knowledge with our experience.

We’ll ask questions, we’ll research, we’ll look at everything you do.
Then we’ll make it better.

We don’t hand out fancy reports.

The end point of most consultancy work – a fancy report to justify the fees. All very nice, but not what you need. What you need are results, not reports, and that’s what we’ll give you. A way forward, real plans to deliver what you want to achieve, not a glossy report filled with best practice models, metrics and graphs.

We’ll Support You.

Change is rarely something that happens overnight. Becoming a better business takes time and effort, but we will be there to make things as straightforward as they can be. Ongoing advice, workshops, training – whatever it takes, we’ll be there.

We know we’re different from the rest, if you want to find out how, you need to speak to us.